Color Standards

Colored Presidential Seals

Color is an essential member of the TTUHSC brand. It distinguishes us in the minds of our audience, allows for immediate recognition of our campuses, institutions and programs, and unites us as one.

Primary Color Palette

When TTUHSC is mentioned, naturally, the colors red, black and gray come to mind. These colors are deeply rooted in our DNA, therefore comprising our primary color palette.

The TTUHSC color palette (PMS, CMYK, RGB, Web) should be used whenever possible. The traditional red and black will remain a dominant design element enhanced by a palette of complementary and accent colors.


Special Mix
C-0 M-100 Y-100 K-0
R-237 G-28 B-36


Special Mix
C-30 M-30 Y-30 K-100
R-10 G-2 B-3


Special Mix
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-45
R-255 G-255 B-255

Secondary Color Palette

Dark Gray

Cool Gray 11 C
C-58 M-49 Y-46 K-15
R-109 G-110 B-113

Dark Red

PMS 484 C
C-26 M-95 Y-100 K-23
R-153 G-40 B-30


PMS 468 C
C-8 M-9 Y-23 K-0
R-234 G-224 B-198


PMS 465 C
C-26 M-31 Y-57 K-0
R-153 G-40 B-30

Accessing Color Palette Assets

The following Adobe® .ase files available for download below include all the color swatches needed for print and web design and can be imported into Adobe® Illustrator® or Adobe® InDesign® for easy reference.

*Adobe®, Adobe® Illustrator®, and Adobe® InDesign® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of
Adobe in the United States and/or other countries.